Update possible in 2011?

Hello everyone I just bought a WD Elements play, I think it is poor option I wonder if it will update scheduled to be the height of this product?

then nobody will answer me about this update?

Rather than get angry, if you are unhappy with the product, I suggest you contact WD technical support.  This is a USER forum.

of course I’ll contact them, and normally we should all contact the  technical support a great brand like WD have to be catches up on this product
Good luck to all

Hi. I´m waiting for a new firmware too.

There are several bugs with MKV. I bougth the WD for the MKV support specially.

The aspect ratio does not work and there are problems with subtitles in VOBSUB format.

I hope a new version soon. Al least in other products they are posting new versions…

Be patien…

Any scheduler or prevision (for new release) for WD company should be wellcome.

@abdelghani, Be respectful. Keep in mind this is a user to user forum, if for any reason you do not feel comfortable with an answer or no one answers your question the most effective solution is contacting WD technical support.

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Mr. Nesvic that you wanted me to say  about the WD element ply??
I’m glad I buy a multimedia hard drive costs 150 euros not read the DTS,not recognize some MKV,  which has no
in title which has no volume on telecomande and the interface is very basic and simple and is not even any update to fix planned for all its
if the shoed you happy yes I am glad I am smiling ear to


If you notice I was not talking about the product. I’m referring to the WD Community Guidelines that you need to follow as long as you are part of this community. Please see the guidelines below:

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