Update please on firmware from WD?

Can you please give a timeframe for the firmware fix given the horrendous problems?

The device is currently unusable for anyone who has updated?

Need to know or I shall get out my receipt and change otherwise.

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You posted, The device is currently unusable for anyone who has updated?


Please speak for yourself only. At this time my WD My Cloud is working just fine and I updated. See my earlier message/post,



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yeah well I think you’re in  a minority of 1

we’ll see - I am merely stating facts

adtilley wrote:

we’ll see - I am merely stating facts

No, you aren’t…  There’s been at least a dozen people (myself included) that have said they’re not having any problems with the upgrade.

and about 120 who have had problems

As one of the people who seem to have overnight had their file storage made unusable I would also like WD to address this issue as soon as possible, it is a real issue with serious consequences.

While my drive sometimes works well it will, without apparent cause, suddenly become unresponsive for minutes at a time. Add to which, in spite of turning off all the media serving, the drive continues to “thrash” scanning for who knows what.

II have used this drive for some time now and it has served me well, however at this point if I don’t see a resolution soon I will have to seek an altrnate solution.

I think being abusive to WD staff  is counter productive and we should avoid that. Making firmwire updates to consumer/semi professonal products is no easy matter and regression testing is especially challenging. As a person who came to the USA on an H1 Visa many years ago (now permanent resident) I certainly do not appreciate the disparaging remarks made in earlier posts.So, lets keep the positive pressure on WD to resolve this rather than alienate the only ones who can help us.


Guessing that’s another day without a working firmware.  

Ive turned my drive off.  It’s hopeless now.

adtilley wrote:

and about 120 who have had problems

Hyperbole does not help your case…  There haven’t even been 120 posts in the multiple threads – let alone 120 discrete reports.

I agree, I find it unlikely that only a few people were affected by this firmware update.

My My Cloud automatically updated the firmware, which broke a lot of the stuff I was doing with SSH. I wasn’t installing anything in the back end, only copying files from an external drive to a share so it went quicker. After the firmware update I tried to do a factory reset to get back to a working state, but now I am totally locked out of my device and see no way WD could fix it since I can’t log in to do a firmware update. I too will be looking to return the device (and probably get a new one, just not update the firmware), hoping that it will be accepted back.

MyCloud is set on auto and I got my FW 4.00 update a couple of days ago.  Scared me to bits, but fortunately all is working well so far.  However, having read all the other negative stories, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope WD will quickly release a stable and robust FW upgrade.