Update My Book

For several weeks now I’m trying to update my 2 my book external harddrives. By scanning it says I have to remove 1 drive and then update the other one, but when 1 drive is removed, I get after scanning, the same message again that there are 2 drives and I have to remove one. Even removed both harddrives, the message is the same!! Hope somebody can help me!!


Can you confirm if you are trying to update firmware on your My Book drives by using the firmware updater?


Yes, starting my Mac, the updater appears and the message I get is that there are more than 1 My Book drives scanned and I have to safely disconnect one of tem!! After doing this, the message repeats all the time, so I can’t update the firmware!!


Reinier Saalmink


Any solution found yet??

Regards, Reinier Saalmink