Update Music-album tracks all mixed up

Ok. After hours of trying to get these files in the right order unsuccessfully, I decided the only way was to delete them and start again. I downloaded the files by artist name, instead of all in one lump, incase one file was causing the problem. I have successfully done this, and if I set the Search Filter to folders it displays and plays everything in the correct order. However, if I change Search Filter to Album it still displays the album tracks in reverse order. I cannot, for the life of me get the tracks to show in the correct order when choosing Album in Search Filter. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Why would they show correctly in Folder selection, but not in Album?

The hub, while great as a movie/video player, is SERIOUSLY lacking as a music player. 

Very profound, thanks.

My only other guess (a long shot) is that the ID3 tags have incorrect information, or the HUB is incorrectly parsing the ID3 info.

A few folks have reported the same issue with FLAC files, but not WMA files.    

Do your filenames have the track number in the beginning? I found out pretty quickly that the best way to get my files in the right order is to have them named like this: “01 Ruby Tuesday.flac”. I have flac, mp3, and mp4 (AAC) files all named this way, and it seems to be working so far.

My files are a massive mess though, with orphan files and all kinds of weird additions to the filenames. I’ve been working on it for a month already and I’m not half done. iTunes works well if you only use iTunes… but if you look in your music directory, you find out exactly what it’s been doing (or not been doing, as the case may be). WDTV is certainly not as powerful for managing music though.

Yes my file names are all numbered Ie 01 Close to the Edge

                                                                       02 Roundabout

                                                                        03 etc

 They are wma files, and work fine when set in Sort/Filter Folder. But when I use Sort/Filter Album they are listed

                                                                         03 etc

Yes they are numbered ie 01 Close to the Edge

                                                02 Roundabout

                                                03 etc

They play fine in Sort/Filter Folder, but when I use Sort/Filter Abum, they show

                                                 03 etc

                                                 02 Rounabout

                                                 01 Close to the Edge

I cannot get them the right way round. There doesn’t seem any way to reverse the order. They are in correct order on my pc. I will just have to keep using the Folder option. It seems strange that they are correct in Folder but reversed in Albums.

Under Sort/Filter did you select “Sorting / Alphabetical”  up, there should be an “^” arrow next to it.

 Yes tried that, all it does is change the alphabetical order in which the albums are shown ie Z to A , instead of A to Z. Nobody seems to know why they would show OK in one setting, but back to front in the other.

Tinwarble, the Sort/Filter only sorts the albums not the tracks in the albums.

There was another thread that discussed this, see the link below.


Honestly WD have made a total mess of this.  Both Flac and Wav files now list in reverse order in the Music view.  This has been the case for the last 2 updates.  Since I don’t use compressed music files this basically affects my entire music library. 

I can do a work around by going to file view and the tracks show in the correct order, but that is beside the point.  The player is sold on the merits its user friendly interface which it turns out is not anymore…

"Honestly WD have made a total mess of this.  Both Flac and Wav files now list in reverse order in the Music view. "

Amen to that, brother.  Rolling back to 2.05 is the only solution, if you don’t need or want the latest features.

Yes there are quite a few bugs in the music playback functions. This reverse order and the playing the first track twice bugs are really basic functions. It seems that WD doesn’t try playing audio files to check their firmware. If you want WD to fix these bugs I think there’s more chance if you report it to WD tech. support.