(Update: More help required) Acronis True Image WD Edition - Blue Screen (BSOD) on Installation


I have purchased a WD5000BPKT which I expect to receive on Friday. I thought it best to get ready and install the Acronis True Image provided by WD and make sure I can set the clone as soon as I got the hard drive. However unfortunately during installation, my laptop crashes and goes to a blue screen with the information:

*** STOP: 0x0000007E (Then some parameters)

*** vididr.sys (Then the address, base at and dates)

There was no other important information (I think) on the blue screen.

Obviously, to clone the my HDD to the new one, I will need this software (as its free). I had installed the Seagate version of Acronis before as I was going to purchase a Seagate drive and that installed perfectly fine. Do note though that I did uninstall Seagate before installing this WD version, and when it failed the first time I then made sure no folders of Acronis were around as well as checking through areas of the registry I could find on various forums that would need to be removed.

I do see that the software was updated on the 20th of this month (so only a few days ago) and am wondering if the update is not stable, and if an older version would be better? I run Windows 7 64-bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I want to get this sorted ASAP. I will provide as much information as I can if you need more, but preferably I do not want the BSOD again…



P.S. I have also put in an email for support as well, but thought it best to get as much help as possible…

What happens if you just use the Backup built into Win7 to do the cloning, using a system image?  Still BSOD?

Can you use the built in utility to clone the current HDD in my laptop onto an external USB drive (with the purchased WD drive in it)? - And then just install the new HDD and it will work?

As far as I know, that’s what it’s for.

You make a system image to another drive, and then wipe/replace the system drive.

When you make the image, it will ask if you want to make a bootable CD to restore the image from.

I would recommend testing the CD before you wipe/replace the drive, just to make sure you can boot to the image restorer.

Just make sure you’re actually backing up a full system image, and not just backing up user files (although you can have the Backup app make backups of the user files (and anything else) along with the system image).

Hmm not quite as ‘neat’ of a solution as the WD program working.

So would need my current HDD, an external drive to backup to, my new HDD and a repair disc.

Looks like it should work, just a much greater hassle, and a much slower process. I liked the idea of my laptop -> to new HDD and plug it in.

Thanks for the help, and will have that as a ‘backup’ plan. Would like the Acronis program to work really.


Thanks for your help RoofingGuy, can’t believed I overlooked doing a system image.

Anyway, WD are looking into the issue at the moment and I have provided them with various pieces of information. - I reported to help other users as well, not just me.

Getting the HDD tomorrow so that will give me a task to do tonigh and throughout tomorrow.




Well I got my HDD today, and completed the restore image process, however the backup seems to be corrupt. Windows 7 mostly works, however items like: Windows Update, User Account Control, Troubleshooting, Windows Live Messenger, etc DO NOT WORK.

Obviously, this is a big issue as I cannot run Windows 7 in the state, even though it kept all of my programs and data were transferred fine. If there is anyone that can explain why this might have happened and any fixes, it would be greatly appreciated.



I can’t find the post but I recently saw a similar post on the Windows 7 Forums http://windows7forums.com/  The people there have mixed feelings on the reliability Windows 7 backup. Do you have a genuine install disk? You might try a repair install. If you have the original HD intact maybe you can put it back and use something like Paragon  http://www.paragon-software.com/home/br-free/  or Easuse  http://www.easeus.com/disk-copy/  . I use the Acronis TI paid and it works very well and they have a helpful forum.



I managed to figure it out. There was an issue with a driver for the use of the Advanced Format drive and the Intel Turbo Memory I have installed in my laptop.

Fortunately I was able to locate a driver (courtesty of HP) for my laptop (Acer) that fixed the issue. Unfortunately my Turbo Memory now doesnt work, however the speed difference would be minimal with that added in comparison to my older 5400rpm HDD.

If anyone does encounter a windows update (service not running, restart required) amongst other issues when switching over to an Advanced Format hard drive, try this:

HP Driver (Suitable for other computers as it is provided by Intel)

Thanks for the previous help. I now think this should be sorted, as I dont think my new hard drive and intel turbo memory can work in harmony so will be removing the turbo memory module at some point and selling it on.