Update FW button grayed

I’d like to install the new FW (im still in .327).
The system tell me that there isnt any new FW, so I tryed to manually install it, but the button is grayed out (also both the buttons in utility —> system config are grayed out).

Any help?
Tnx in advance.


@mauriga Have you already downloaded the new firmware? Do you have Cloud Access? Does your My Cloud show as connected?

  1. yes i DL it in my dropbox
  2. yes I have
  3. yes it is


Tnx for any help.


Just to clarify. Is the Update from File grayed out in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Firmware > Manual Update section?

Have you tried a different web browser? It is possible certain browser add-ons or browser extensions may affect the loading/usage of the My Cloud Dashboard pages.


I tryed to update from my iPad (both Safari and Chrome), when I tryed using my PC everything works well.

Thank you so much!!!