Update for WD Sync on MacOS Mojave

Will there come a Update for WDSync BEFORE a new MacOS Version is available?Because the current Version doesn’t work on Mojave.


Hello. WD Security and WD Drive Utilities do not work for me on Mojave, not even the uninstallers. I re-dowloaded the installer from the WD site and it won’t even launch … So, I’m stuck. Suggestions? Thanks,

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Dobrý deň mohla by som sa spytatspýtať kúpili sme si externý disk WD elements a potrebujeme ho sformatovat s mac poradíte mi prosím ako

It’s a shame that Western Digital doesn’t Update their own Products.Bad Development…

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Unbelievable that they haven’t released an update yet. This company seems to be good in marketing only. Much considering my next drive to be QNAP or Synology