Update firmware on Linux SN850


How can you update the firmware of the SN850 (WD Black) on Linux?


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Hi @ikin,

Please refer below link to update firmware:

Hope it helps!!

Sorry, I don’t think the nvme’s are mentioned at that page. I can only find instructions on how to do it via the WD dashboard, and that’s WIN only.

I have the same issue, did you ever get the firmware file?

Interesting that when I went to update the drivers in my windows systems it did it.

I removed the drives from my Ubuntu 21.04 systems and they all claimed they already had the latest firmware.

Did not Know Ubuntu did that on old hardware.

It does not help Linux users at all. PAY ATTENTION!

Please add Linux and/or lvfs support please.
It also appears that the WD Dashboard can create the live Boot USB with the firmware. Why not include this on the downloads page. Or allow the Dashboard to create the Bootable USB with a system that doesn’t have the SSD installed.

Is there any way to find out what the current latest firmware version is so you know when to boot into Windows?
P.S. I could not run the WD Dashboard in the 2k10 image (live USB Win10)