Update/configure amule app on EX2100

Hi to all, how can I update the amule app to the latest version and how can I set a personalized download path?

And which kind of package do I have to find to install app manually?



Hi there, if you check on  the user manual and follow the steps there to update an application, if this doesn’t work you will need to get in touch with  amule.

I’ve read all the manual and there are no istructions on how to update apps. I’ve already asked on aMule forum.


Check again, because there is a section in the manual entitled Updating an App that explains it.

Not at all, this is all the manual reports about apps. Really disapponting.

So, seems clear to me -- do you need more info than this?

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Yes, but by now Amule daemon has been updated by the app retrivial menu. Anyway this app ocntains alot of small issues. Nonetheless I cannot figure out why after a while it hangs and stop working.

Another thing I cannot understand is how to correct theese errors in the log:

Error: Failed to add descriptor 25 to epoll descriptor 6 (error 17: File exists)

Logger.cpp(324): 11:30:01: Error: Lock file ‘/mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/aMule/.aMule/muleLock’ has incorrect permissions.