Update 3.01.19 problem and are you, or are you not 'connected'

A number of people have posted complaining that after watching firmware update 3.01.19 go from 0% to 100% they then get an error message - ‘…failed due to network connection error.’ This, despite being connected by wire AND being able to view Youtube etc (i.e. they ARE connected to the net). I’m in the same boat but, after reading of problems with the new update, I’m not going to bother with the USB stick method. But what I have noticed is this: Under Setup/Network Settings/Network Setup, all four items are configured (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway and DNS). I can even do a fresh ‘Auto Connect’ with no problems generated. However, go to Network Settings/Check Connection and it’s only IP Address that has a green tick. Both DNS and (more worryingly) Internet Connection show a red cross. Is anyone else showing the red cross against DNS and Internet Connection? If not, can you tell us how to go about turning it into a green tick? Kind regards.

This happens to me before, updating to the 2.07… or something, I notice that I was getting this error, my network settings were set to automatic, I select manual and added the information myself, and it worked, I was able to pass the network test and the firmware was successful.

What information did you use? I have no idea about these numbers.

I’ve solved my problem. Did a power disconnect/reconnect and now everything under Newtwork Settings/Check Connection is ‘green tick’. Firmware update went smoothly and, as far as I’m concerned, is bug-free.

the autoplay content could not be accessed always pops up now

I click the check mark and go to the main guide than when I try an play a video all i get it the arrow going around in circles.

I did a hard reboot  (Pwr cycle) than I can watch one video but on the second one agin the arrow just go round and round.  worked fine before 3.01.19

I did a device restart and reset also problem still persists

any ideas?

ive had many problems with this firmware update.roll back your firmware.there is a website that will give you earlyer firmware&tells you what to do.before i found the solution i had reformated&deleted everything off my hub.wish now had found out before lol.hope this helps