Up mapping network drive

I have 2 network drive my book. I just bought a new 3TB one, but its come out to be 2TB only. So I am going to return. But I map the drive already. How to up map so i don’t see it anymore. Please help. thanks.

What OS?

BTW, the missing ~TB is probably software and formatting of the drive.  I’ve seen a lot of posts form people losing a ton of space on a new drive on these MBWs

i had this question once but never found a way to do it. i called support and they had NO clue. last time i go there as they **bleep** and dont have a clue about all these problems this nas has/is causing. there is no uninstaller and doesnt show in uninstall programs on windows. basically what i did is plugged up another wd nas(the one i wanted to use) and mapped it and it updated the space left, etc. and stayed in there for me.