Up Dateted my cloud Smartware now can access

Hi All

As the topic says I was using my WDcloud Smartware today and a popup alerted me to a update, so I downloaded it and guess what now it does not recognises my password or user name (or Both ) never again will I up date from WD. This is going to be the first and last WD item I buy, I have done a lot of reading and it seems I’m going to have to format my drive ? this is no good to me I have all of my work stuff on there plus load and I mean loads of photos. Music So where do I go from here ( not to Currys to get a new Drive) any help please

Have you tried rebooting the computer? Have you tried uninstalling the Smartware program then reinstalling it?

Not sure what threads you were reading dealing with Smartware that indicated that you would have to “format my drive”.

Yes I done all of that and it’s just started working ,