Unwanted Folder in Media Library

I have a samba share called “music” that contains only mp3 files.

I have two samba shares called “movies” and “tvshows” that contain only mkv files.

I have added all three shares to my media library. When using folder view all three folders appear in the music section and all three folders appear in the videos section. Ideally I want the folders to only appear if they have content suitable for that section. Is that possible?

Related: if I chose options on a folder and then delete what does that do? It can’t delete the actual folder because it is a network share. Does it delete the contents? Simply remove it from the media library?

Thanks, Andy

Did you switch the source for each section to “Media Library”? Then it should show only the folder with the related content.

Yes. Source = Media Library, Filter = Folders


Same issue. Delete also deletes the contents and not the shared folder from the list. Not what you expect. Very frustrating but as I only have the box for A day then hope to find how to do this.