Unusual network traffic from World Ed II device?

Firstly, I must apologize for mistakenly posting the below message in another area of this Community.  I hadn’t looked far enough down the page to select the correct area.   Mediators: the same-titled message in External Drives-My World for PC, can be deleted.

Secondly, the post in the right area:

Can anyone shed any light on how/why my World Edition II device is sending packets of info from inside my home network to an IPv4 address on the internet, which is reserved by the IANA for Class D (multicast) use?  Traffic leaves the device on udp port 1900, and is aimed at  I was looking for something completely unrelated on my home network using WireShark, and found this new traffic.  In a 70-second interval, there were 20 packets sent (block of 6, then 8, then another 6), but it appears to be a repetative thing.

Since I allow no outside unknown traffic back in through my firewall there’re no responses, but since the destination IP is not listed as belonging to WD or any other company, and in these days of identity theft, etc., I am understandably concerned.  I am turning off the drive until I find out what’s what.

Thanks in advance.