Unusual Behavior

I notice on occassion when I am browsing through my TV shows and Movies in a self-created ‘media folder’ the SMP will kick me back to the dashboard with the ‘videos’ tab selected.

I have my files organized like this > “Videos” “Media” > Genre Folders.

I do not know why the SMP is doing this. I am not accidentally pressing any buttons on the SMP remote, but I do find it usually happens after I grab source info for a Movie/TV show, or I am simply scrolling through my Movie/Tv show files.

I’m running WD firmware 1.03.07i

There’s probably a newer firmware out there, but I wasn’t in any hurry to get it - perhaps that is the issue.

It is definitely not an external HD issue as it has happened on 2 different brands/makes of external HD.

Any ideas?

Happens on the Hub too.

I wouldnt worry about it.  *things glitch*

If you own a Computer then this shouldnt come as a *Surprise* to you.

Nothings Perfect.

I have also noticed that unusual behaviour. On random ocassions it outs you back to the main menu. Let see if WD notices this bug and possibly fix it in the next firmware,