Unsupported management command?

Hi all,

Ive been using the G-Speed Studio XL for some time now. Wanted to re-configure it for speed, but when I boot up the latest version of G-Speed Studio Utility (3.2), I keep getting “unsupported management command” in red in Physical Drive, Disk Array and Logical Drive.

Anyone else have seen or heard this issue?

Same Problem. "unsupported management command, but blue lights. how did you proceed? Have you found a solution?

Hi Henry5,

This is what G-Tech tech support responded at the time. Not sure you will like what they had to say sadly:

“We did discontinue our Studio line of drives a couple years ago, before Catalina came out. Unfortunately we have not updated the software for Catalina, so we can not guarantee that the software will be fully compatible with that OS. If you do need to change the RAID level of the unit, we would recommend moving the unit to a Mac 10.14 or earlier to change the RAID level. Once configured you can then move it back to the Catalina machine.”

A commitment of appreciation is all together for the information. I will try to sort it out for extra.

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