Unstable and Slow connection in Finder

I bought myself a WD My Cloud 3TB because it worked so well at the office.
When I stepped in the Office and started up my Macbook Pro (WiFi connected) I saw immediately the My Cloud server in Finder. As I was logged in as a user (not guest) I had acces to all folders and even if I quit Finder, when I started a new tab it was always connected and ready to use.

At first I installed the device and followed all the steps as listed in the manual. I opened http://wdmycloud.local/UI/ to start setting up users and make shares etc. It works well but sometimes very slow, like it lost connection.

Then I opened finder, at the shared spot you can see the WDMyCloud. At first everything seems fine. But when I close finder, the device needs to reconnect (not every time).

Sometimes it reconnects, but mostly I get the ‘connection failed’ message. How can it work so unstable?
There must be something with the settings of the Mac or my ISP router?

Things I’ve tried but did not work out:

  • Re-install
  • Finder> Go> Connect to Server
  • Add to Start up programs

Hi the following worked for me after days of problems.
Don’t install any WD apps
Click ‘Finder’ then ‘Go’ or hold down ‘CMD’ then press ‘k’
Enter the server address in the same format as the following example:
Then click connect.
I hope this helps.