Unsatisfied customer

A year ago I bought an external hard drive (model and serial shown above) and since a week ago I’m having a lot of problems with it.
It all started with some errors (error code -36) while transferring datas from another external hard drive of mine (Seagate 250 GB) formated on MS-DOS. After browsing the web I discovered the conflict between MS-DOS and mac extended (journaled) hard drives. If it was the only problem(s) I wouldn’t have any grief against your brand, but then, the WD hard drive started to be recongnized on and off  by my laptop so I went on your website to find some support but it wasn’t any of those (I mean concrete one) so i had to format it, meaning that I’ve lost around 200GB of pictures, music, movies etc. I found out later that WD had defective products on some series which I suspect mine to be one those. Anyway this is the biggest BS that you guys are selling some deffectuous products and then not taking care of the customer service  witch is today a major + for a big brand like WD, so if goal is to sell some ■■■■ to people (making them losing a part of there datas or all of them, which is actually a part of there life) without testing your products, you just have to say so and we (customers) will avoid your brand at any cost.

What you ran into was not an issue with the drive.  It was an issue of using any drive on both Macs and Pc’s.  You corrupted files and eventually the partition.  That’s why you started having intermittent problems as you went along.  Our knowledge base article below explains that.