Unsafe shutdown wd external 8T desktop

i bought a wd 8T desktop external nearly.i could create password for that by WD Security app , but i can’t find this hard in the wd smrtware app.because of that i can only safe remove by wd quick viwe.as result in hd tune pro i see several unsafe shutdown for this hard.
i removed all app wd and installed by new ver, but problem still exist.
other my wd hards (3t 6T) are appearance in wd smartware so i can remove them safely
when i use wd quick viwe for safe remove for 8T , i hear motor is silent but there is no LED or light in the case to i can realy recognize 8T is shutdown

Hello there,

Does the drive show up as a USB device in the system tray? You should be able to see the drive there and safely remove it from that section

Hi there
Yes, it does but next time when I see SMART on apps like HD Tune, It shows the increase in unsafe shutdown. I still have this problem with every WD External from last 5-6 years ago. But older externals are supported by WD SmartWare app.