Unsafe shutdown count

Hi I am testing a laptop drive to see if it is causing problems of slow boot up in windows 7 sp1 64 bit. The smart data from hd tune unsafe shut down count is 25559054 the  gesence is at 20, hard to believe as the laptop is only a year old. Also with the bench mark test it spikes up and down constantly not dropping below 35. In hd sentinel where it shows power on time it shows a “estimated” time of 30 days not correct at all, and it is faded out. Any help is appreciated

Thank You

Test your drive with WD DLG, depending of the DLG results WD decides if the drive needs to be replace it.

if a smart test shows any problems at all, I would replace the drive.  one thing to always be aware of, if you’re constantly picking up a laptop and moving it around while it’s running, you are shortening the life of the drive.  those drives are spinning at at least 4800 rpms.  moving it around while it’s spinning is very bad for it.

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Hi Wayne thank you for your responce. It is a answer that I will go by now with cutstomers systems, it seems they throw these laptops around and in one year destroy the hard drive. I formatted the lappy and returned it to them with the deal that I will get a hard drive for it. Up here northeren canada hard drives are scarce lol after all my calls found one laptop drive a 320 gig 5400 rpm I will order a black drive for it.