Unresponsive remote and HD Eject

After a week of no issues, tonight I am unable to use the device. The remote wont turn the unit on, I have to unplug and replug for it to start. Once it starts, the remote only works occasionally. And when I connect the 500gig hard drive to it, it immediately asks which device do I want to eject, and I cannot exit this screen. Anyone have similar issues or ideas?

Thanks in advance.


I Assume you have done the obvious and checked the Remote for Stuck buttons or flat batteries?

I did… Even so, the fact that immediately after I connet the hdd I get prompted to ‘eject the device’, tells me there is a larger problem. I plan on exchanging it today.


I am also having the same problem.

How does this problem solved?

Is there any one who solved this problem without returning the device?

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There were issues with some remotes not working – you might do a forum search – but the only fix is to exchange it for a remote that does work (WD will do this or you can return your Live to where you bought it for an exchange).