Unrecognized sparsebundle

My HD died on my iMac (running lion – TM setup under snow leopard) . I got a new one. When I tried to restore my Time Machine backup from MBL, (2TB, all firmware up to date) the action could not complete because the sparsebundle was unrecognized. The file is only 254 bytes. When I look at the backups through the dashboard, the fie is listed at 255 gb. I’ve tried everything to fix or verify the disk image. Nothing works. The other two Macs in the TM on the MBL are fine. Am I just screwed? Is there anyway to restore/repair the sparsebundle? Thanks. I’m going bald from pulling my hair out, so please help.

Ok, you probably need to update the MBL firmware. Check the link below for the steps.


Thanks, but firmware is all up to date.

Have you tried contacting support about this?  At least to let them know that there is an issue with your sparsebundle.  Also, I would contact Apple to see what they have to say about this.