Unrecognized hard drive serial number

hi every body:

i have two hard drives and a wird problem got me

my hard drives have a streng serial numbers

the serial on the  back of the hard drive is: [deleted]

the new one is:[deleted]

hard drive model: WD400BB-00DEA0

any idea will be appreciated:smiley:

Hi there!!

What if you ignore the “GD”? o.o

the problem is that i can not make patrtion to install windows xp or seven

what i have to do


Provided info is inadequate to come up with any solution. Can you elaborate a little bit?

how i can update the hard drive fremwair or change it if it get missed up

You cannot update firmware on nonfunctional drives.

Short answer – I would suggest that the OP check the IDE cable or the IDE connector on the drive for damaged pins or bad contacts.

To the moderator – if you delete the serial numbers, then a vital piece of information is lost. :slight_smile:

It so happens that the difference between the serial number reported by software, and the serial number recorded on the drive, points to a fault in one particular bit of the IDE interface. Although the OP has given us the serial numbers of two different drives, ISTM that “GD-WCAE1#8!8#8” should in fact be “WD-WCAE138183x”. If so, then this points to a failure in either bit 4 or bit 12 of the IDE interface. This in turn points to a problem with pin 9 or pin 12.

See http://pinouts.ru/HD/AtaInternal_pinout.shtml

I would suggest that the OP check the cable or the drive for damaged pins or bad contacts.

You can see the ASCII differences using Debug in a Windows DOS box.

-e 100 “GD-WCAE1#8!8#8”
-e 110 “WD-WCAD18808289”
-d 100 11f
12EB:0100 47 44 2D 57 43 41 45 31-23 38 21 38 23 38 74 0C GD-WCAE1#8!8#8t.
12EB:0110 57 44 2D 57 43 41 44 31-38 38 30 38 32 38 39 12 WD-WCAD18808289.

Unfortunately, we cannot allow serial number to be posted, he can PM you the information, but we are required to delete any serial number posted in any threat…