Last night I loaded up My Passport with everything I had on my hard drive for safe keeping.  Today it’s not working?!

I think everyone uses an external HD just for this purpose…to back up things that HAVE TO BE BACKED UP. Things like SENSITIVE DATA!  Why aren’t these BULLETPROOF?!  What’s the sense of backing up data when you can’t access the backup?!

 So My Passport no longer shows up under My Computer, and it doesn’t show up on my wife’s computer, but it does show up under Disk Management.  So can someone point me to a link where I can follow some steps that won’t work for me?

 Also, how come a company that offers HD, doesn’t do data retrieval?



Sadly moving data to one drive is not a backup. A backup is at least 2 copies in different places. What does it say about the drive in disk management? Is the drive password protected? What OS are you using? How did you backup your information manually or with software?


Disk management shows the drive and avail space, I believe. I backed this up just by drag and drop, and then marked some folders as hidden. I’m running Win7

I appreciate any help.