Unmount usb drive without login in the WD Windows Application Control Panel


Is there a a good umount command to disconnect the USB drive like the WD Windows Control panel application is doing ?

And then disconnect the USB disk ?

Because i want to umount it via the SSH

  1. login with SSH

  2. start umount command

  3. disconnect the usb drive

Thanks all

the USB drive is mounted under 


umount that.

Thanks for quick response

I will try that and give result here in the board


Be careful, though…  umount will only unmount it if there’s no active file handles to the USB drive.

Since the GUI may be interacting with the drive, it might not allow it.   And even if it does, and the un-mount is graceful, the UI will likely not be notified that the drive is being disconnected, so it might trigger undesirable behavior in the UI.

Hello reason for the umount by ssh is that i miss a app like the Windows Application to do umount usb drive.

But i will take care of it.


You can eject the drive from Windows WD icon, WD Quick View (bottom right of Windows app bar) if you installed it.


You can also unmount a USB drive from the Dashboard.  Click on the USB symbol in the top right of the page, then click the ‘eject’ icon (a rather blurry triangle on top of a bar).

This isn’t mentioned in the user manual…