Unlocking error - My Essentials drive in Windows 8

Hi there

I have a black My Eseentials external hard drive, model number WDBAAA2500BK, which I have had for nearly 3 years.  

I have always unlocked my drive via the Virtual CD.  However, I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 and I am now finding that this Unlock feature no longer works.  I just get the message that it has encountered an unexplained error and needs to exit.  I tried running it in Compatibility mode but with no success.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem?  I have also tried updating the firmware.  Thankfully, I have downloaded the Smartware software and it works OK within this.

It’s just a bit annoying though why the Virtual CD application doesn’t seem to be compatible with Windows 8.  Perhaps WD could fix this in the next firmware update?

There’s a chance is not yet compatible and you’ll need to wait for a firmware