Unlocker malfunction

Good evening. The unlocker software on our WD external HD is malfunctioning. When the HD is plugged in, the unlocker opens up and asks for the password. When the password is submitted, the unlocker says that the disk is unlocked. However, the files on the disk do not appear anywhere on the Windows Explorer. It is as if the disk is still locked. Is this a common problem with older devices? Does anyone know what the problem might be, and how the data on the disk might be recovered?

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Please note that the encryption is hardware base. So if the drive stills locked, you wont be able to see the drive on your computer.

In this case that the information is not showing on the drive, my recommendation is to test the unit with the DLG tool to see if is a partition issue or data corruption.

How to test the drive with the DLG Tool on the link below.


If is a data corruption issue, My recomendation is to look for a data recovery software online that might help you to get your files.