Unlocker is not opening/working

I have a My Passport Essential 500 GB. I plugged it in to my pc (running windows 7) and the unlocker won’t run. The message basically says that an error has occurred thus the operation cannot run.

This is the first time I’ve plugged it in to my PC (previously it’s always been on my laptop which is also running windows 7).

I downloaded the Smartware software, but the same error comes up. It also won’t let me update the firmware - which I believe is the issue. It still opens on my laptop, and everything runs fine, but I need it to open on my PC.

Can anyone help?


When you connect the Passport to your PC plug it in directly to the USB port on your computer try not to use any type of extension USB cables or USB hubs. If the Passport is working fine on your laptop it must be a connection problem to your PC.