Unlocker is a bummer

Purchased My Passport, and installed on HOME desktop. Intentionally did NOT install password, because I needed to use on three different computers: my home desktop, my work desktop, and my laptop that goes back and forth. When I used at home, never asked for password; however, got to work  and attempted to use on laptop, requested a passwork – there isn’t one! Have communicated a number of times with WD, and everything they tell me to do doesn’t work – including deleting the software – which really put me in a bind. Short of taking a hammer to the drive to protect the data, anyone have any suggestions for getting this thing to work? My thanks!

Hi, at what point do you see the option to enter the password? Can you see the password icon when you go to the computer or Disk management window? 

The moment the drive is recognized the password screen comes on

If you don’t mind loosing your files, you could try to install smartware and enter any password 5 times, after that it should give you the option to format.