In an attempt to remove the WD firmware from my WD Passport Essential, I cannot unlock my drive. I have downloaded the virtual disk image (WDSmartWare_Mac_Disk_Image_PP4R2_1_3_0_18) , but the unlocker.app isn’t on there.

Is there any way I can unlock my drive, and hence mount it?

The drive is not visible, even in disk utility or on a PC. 

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Try installing the latest version of SmartWare for Mac, then try to unlock it by going to Drive Settings.


Setting up security to lock or unlock a WD external drive with WD SmartWare 

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Thank you for your reply Vadir!

I already have the SmartWare installed, but my Mac can’t even detect the drive. So i am unable to go to the drive settings. It isn’t even present in Disk Utility.

I followed the steps described on this page: 


But i could not complete “Step 2” since the drive at that moment had locked itself (with a code set by me).

Now I cannot detect the drive, nor unlocking it using the SmartWare.

Thank you for your reply, and I hope that you are able to help me. Lots of Kudos are waiting!! :slight_smile: