Unlock when OS is down

I brought up this issue more than half a year ago in the ‘New Ideas’ section, no answer though. Maybe here somebody can advise.

I protect MyBook by password and use, among others, to store a disaster recovery image of my system.

Unlocking, however, as far as I know, is possible via its own software, in turn, via the OS only.

When my Windows collapsed the recovery bootable CD couldn’t get to the stored image. I had to reinstall Windows (a blank copy, of course), then reinstall WD’s software, then remove the password. After all this only could I start the recovery at last.

A direct way to unlock, e.g. by a bootable CD, would be helpful very much.

Could somebody let me know how to create a bootable CD with WD’s  software and, of course, the necessary background, I guess with Windows PE.

If, e.g. I install Windows PE 4 64 bit as described in


can I simply install WD’s software on it, and use this disc, as boot, to remove the password? If not, what can I do for that?

Thanks a lot.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible, but you could try to remove the password from the My Book on another PC, install the recovery image and then setup the password again if you wish.


Can I split the disk into two partitons and leave one open, set pasword on the other?