Unlock WD320

Hello, my laptop didn’t wake up again and i remove the HDD to backup the data but it has the HDD password, the diference is that i know the password but i dont know which tool let me entering the password for unlock, could anyone help me please without losing the data?

I repeat, i know the password for unlock but it don’t know how the HDD show me the password field.

PD: I tried on bios too but no one option help me on this.


If is the newer version it will called Unlocker, however if you’re using the old version it’s just called Smartware. It will show up under computer.

You can find more info  here

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Thank you Wizer to reply my question, but the Smartware you said its about external USB HDD, it says that i need remove all the USB connection and connect only the WD that i want to update. I removed but can pass that window.

You don’t need to update the software to run the unlock utility. Your trying to update the software and the computer is not currently seen the drive, therefore it will ask you to connect the drive to update. Please go to Computer( mycomputer if XP) and look for Smartware (virtual cd) or Unlocker. If you have Smartware, right click>open>driveunlock. If you have the Unlocker just double click and enter password.

Let me know if this works

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Hi again Wizer, should the Smartware has to detect my laptop HDD connected in my desktop PC? I downloaded, i updated and the WD Smartware dont show my the laptop HDD.

I checked if bios detect and it is. i Checked if another WD tool i got and detect it (tool used before start windows) and when i try to diagnostic with that tool it said me that is locked.

I hope you can really help me on this.

Got me confuse on this one. Is the external drive seen already? Were you able to unlock it? The internal drive for your laptop is not showing now? 

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I got my internal laptop HDD plugged into my desktop PC… The smartware doesn’t detect It… It just detect The hdd desktop.

The only way to see my laptop hdd is from The bios, and from The special program from WD which run before windows start, but when I want to this program run a quick test diagnostic, It shown me that The HDD is locked.

Also, from Administrative tools from windows It display The laptop HDD like “Unknown” labeled.

Can you please provide me with the model number for the drive? The internal drive for the laptop  connected to ur desktop? Well that’s possible if you use an enclosure. If that’s the drive that is locked than that’s a problem, now, if your talking about the My Passport then all you need to do is unlock the drive with the instructions I provided on my first reply to you.

This is the model WD3200BEVT

The password that i entered to the HDD was on the bios. i don’t think is the “My passport” that you said.

Hope you can help me with it =(

Ok , better now. Please reset the Bios and then the configuration will be set to default. The password was setup by you on the bios , unless you unlock the drive trough the Bios then you won’t be able to get to the drive.  

So i need an Acer Bios to unlock my drive? =S=S=S!?

You’ll need to connected to the original Bios it was encrypted. There’s a chance you can use a really powerful decryption software, no info on the latter.

Are you really sure that only it will work with the same bios? or any acer aspire i try?

To tell you the truth, not sure, but it will not hurt to try. Try visiting the forums for Acer as well, you should find people having similar issues there. As a last resort you can contact  Acer.