Unlock software corrupted on My Book Essential so I cant unlock or see drive!

Hi all,

I left my hard drive connected to my laptop as normal for a few hours while I was out and when I came back the laptop was running slow. I restarted my laptop and now I cant see the smart ware software that comes up asking for the password to unlock it. CD Drive E is all that appears when connected and when i try and open it it says “application not found”.

In disk manager the disk is listed as “Unknown” and asks me to Initialize it, when i try that it says “request could not be performed because of a I/O device error”.

The latest version of WD smartware has the drive visible but says “no writable WD smartware partition found”.

I think the password software that first launches from the drive to unlock it has become corrupt or files are missing so I cant unlock it to access the drive. I hope if i can unlock it or get that password encryption software off then I can gain access to my data.

Many thanks for the help!

Have you tried uninstalling the software and installing that again from the website?

Check the link below


Yea I’ve done that. The thing is you shouldnt need that software already on your computer to work, it should be on the drive. So you can just plug it into any pc and it will launch the software on the drive that request the password to decrypt and open the drive.

Go into the Device Manager and delete the SES and Essential driver disconnect and reboot and plug the drive back in. That will load fresh drivers see if that helps.


Thanks for the help, its much appreciated. Unfortunatly it didnt work. I couldnt find the essential driver but searched for every WD driver or software and uninstalled it. Same things happens, plug it in and windows says installing device driver, I can hear the drive scaning, says its installed the driver and all I can see is a CD drive in my computer. That CD drive should load the password unlock program. It does this on every PC its pluged into.