Unlock problem/not detecting problem

I’ve been using my WD passport as an external hard drive for more than three years without any problem (and w/o dropping it or doing any harm to it). But ever since I decided to use the smartware program with my hard drive, the drive has either not been detected by 2 of my computers or whenever I double click the unlocking feature, my computer says application not found. Please tell me how I can solve this problem as soon as possible, I have years of data on this external hard drive and I cannot afford to lose any of it. 

Also, I’ve reinstalled the smartware program to see if that helps and have updated all the drivers/firmware needed. Just in case that was the problem but was not. And, the case is not that I’ve forgotten my password. I know my password, but the unlocker is not working properly.

Avoid using USB hubs or longer USB cables. Try doing a firmware update to get the unlock screen.

I have same issue after i put password in unlocker, the drives shows for some time and vanishes again. Please tell me how to remove this password. and also how to recover my data. I have upgraded its software.

MY passport Essentinal Smartware 500 GB

I am also not able to get the “Unlocker” to work after working fine for over a year.  When I attempt to connect the WD (1 TB) to my PC laptop I receive an error message indicating the application has encountered an unexpected problem and is now exiting.  However, I am able to connect this same WD to my Mac laptop and it works fine.  It just will no longer work on my PC laptop.