Unlock Password of MY Passport Essential Pass WD 500 GB closed with WD SmartWare

i have DHH WD 500GB My Passport Essential
i forgot MY Password it it have many many DATA and folder is very important to me
i need to open it
for Example it contain Letter named
Please i need very Fast Solutions without formatting the HDD

Best Regard
Ayman Farouk Hamed
it Extremely High

Please i need Help it colosed with WD SmartWare Password
i need all data inclouded or inside this HDD
i need some one even if go Remotly with my on my machien if remove Password

Unfortunately, there is no back-door or workaround for bypassing security. If you forgot the password then you will need to erase your unit.

Dear Sir

 Good Morning 

thank you sir for interest My CASE and fast replay too , really i appreciate your Replay .

this HDD belong to our company and it Contain Very Important DATA .
we need to retrieve it (unlock it) ,
so what about order the Same Board due to HDD , and remove the Old One as solutions.
what About to Contact some one in WD Factory or Company these Data are Important to Our Company .
My HDD Link ( http://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=209&lang=en )
i need any third Parity if Possible what About DFL [** http://www.dolphindatalab.com/** ]
does it Help ?

Please i need real Help to Over ride this Situations Disaster.

MY Best Regard
Ayman Farouk
supervisor Tech Network

Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to work. If it was as easy as replacing the logic board then encryption would have been broken long ago. And even if replacing the logic board was related to the process, WD does not sell, supply, or replace unit logic boards and they are constantly undergoing internal manufacturing revisions in components and firmware.

its mean to through it in Wastebasket , this HDD BELONG TO Our Company , and i am so angry
where is the Solutions is ?
if we Prove the property of this HDD and send it to WD FACTORY in US OR UK OR MALAYSIA
need replay

Excuse ME and i am sorry i need Solutions in our Case Just All
and forgive me if i didn’t choose the Right Word To Explain what i am suffering from .
it Nightmare .
any way thank you

I understand where you’re coming from, but Western Digital does not perform data recovery services, and there is no backdoor for password bypass. The hard drive is certified as secure because not even WD can break it. This is also why you’re given a warning within the app when setting security.

I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company. If anything can be done at all then it would be best to consult them.

Did you use the passwod hint on the login screen? It may help.