Unlock My Passport without Admin rights?

Hi all,

I have just bought a WD My Passport 1 TB, and the only reason for chosing this product was the built-in encryption. After setting it up on my main desktop pc, I copied some files on the disk and plugged it into my laptop. The virtual cd showed up, but when I tried launching unlocker.exe, it requested admin privilages before even proceeding to the wd password prompt.

Is there a way to run the unlocker as a normal user? If admin rights are a requirement, in my opinion the whole purpose of this disk is spoiled and the added value data encryption offers is rendered next to useless - I will certainly not get admin privilages in all places where I just want to exchange files.

Hope anyone can help me out!

I agree with you. This is a problem that WD should solve.

I posted a thread about it last month:


I spoke with WD Support, and they have no solution at this time.

The WD developers need to code the “WD Drive Unlock.exe” application to be able to run without requiring UAC elevation each time. There are ways that they can do this, as has been done in other software, and I sent them some of those ideas.