Unlock after replacing the PCBA USB controller on WD MBE USB3.0 3TB

I had a power surge. As a result, an external USB controller is burned. The hard drive is fully functional. Access to files can not be obtained without the PCBA. In this regard, I bought a new motherboard WD MY BOOK PCBA 4060-705089-001 (USB3.0). Connected through her drive.
In the management of computer disks, I tried to initialize the disk, but Windows reports an error: The disk is write protected. In this regard, I can not access the hard disk and run with it unlock.exe.
I downloaded the latest version of SmartWare_Windows_Upgrader_1.6.0.19.
But through it to open the drive I could not.
I downloaded the image WDSmartWare_ISO_PP4R2_1_4_1_2.iso. Recorded on the CD, but the launch unlock.exe leads to an error in the photo.


I beg you to help me. If possible, explain step by step how to unlock the drive? 

here to help those who prefer Western Digital all the other companies? Or am I wasting time?

There’s an option to erase the drive when the wrong password is entered 5 times

Install smartware on the PC and try that

After that you should be able to get the drive to work