Unkow or Uncommon Problem with 2.5'' Internal Scorpio Blue Hard Disk

Hi people… Hi community… i hope you can Help me with this issue… i searched all the net and i didn’t match an answer yet.

my problem it’s the following:

I Bought a Gateway NV53A, about 1 year ago… after a few months i notice some “temporal freezes” on the windows environment (i mean, the pc “hangs up” about 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, but i can move the mouse… switch the apps, in other words, the system itself its not the problem) then i format the laptop, and i did install a new version of Win 7, but the problem stil there… i updated all the pc drivers but the temporal freezes still there… so i start to seek for an answer. and i found that its probably the hdd…(my disk its a scorpio blue WDC WD5000BEVT-22A0RT0 ATA Device) because the hdd light holds on during the freeze, and i hear that the disk its low rotating, and clicks and the hdd activity light start to blink normally when the computer left his freeze.

i dont know if i am specific, i think its very weird, other details i can give you its that when the pc boots… and the disk fails and makes the pc freeze, it will fail randomly later, maybe 5, 15, 30 minutes later but it will fail… but i notice when i boot the pc and the hdd dont fail in about that time, 30 minutes or more, probably the disk wont fail until he sleeps again, so my eventual solution to live with that problem is change all the power options, so the hdd will not sleep never, until i shut down the laptop.

I’m 100% Sure the problem is the hard disk… the computer never freeze completly, i mean, he always left it in about seconds or minutes… but you know its very annoying

i hope you can help me, thanks, and have a nice day… ask any other details if you wish :slight_smile:

Hi you can go here http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=612&sid=3  and download the data lifeguard for windows and run a test on it. Now if the hard drive came in the laptop it has one year warranty from Gateway.

thanks for the reply, i’m on it… i did another tests with  scandisk… and crystaldisk says that the disk its fine… unfortunetly… i bought the pc as refurbished… so i dont have warranty xD 

i will post the results later :slight_smile:

I Did the test… before did it… i notice that i have already downloaded it and i was ran the test… both times… the program says that the disk is fine… the disk pass the test… but… like i said early… the disk problem still there… :S