Unknown Error -21

I just got my WD My Cloud today - works like a charm!

Installed my wd cloud on my android phone - choosed to start streaming with a not so great program as a standard - so i just wanted to uninstall the program and reinstall it to be able to shift standard streaming program (should be that easy)

BUT! - after uninstall - i cant install it again - i get “unknown error on install -21” after it tries to install - and nothing more happens :frowning:

i have cleaned phone with software for junk files - and rebooted it too - same error.

Any good advices?


Now it says -24 (tried to install via internet google play)

Welcome to the Community.

“Error 24” is actually a generic Google Play error which is usually fixed by uninstalling all updates to the Google Play app and rebooting the phone.