Unknown audio reverberation

It’s off that for the past two firmware updates that the audio exhibits an odd reverb. It’s very mild and only at certain frequencies. But, it’s still there.

Update - I haven’t made any attempt in fixing it as it should have been caught during QA. But, I’m, currently, running a system restore on it. Perhaps that’ll fix it. But I’m not going to whine if it doesn’t.

More information is needed. What app or device is being used to play the audio. How are you accessing the My Cloud? What My Cloud model and firmware version do you have?

Not sure why or how the My Cloud itself would cause an audio player or audio device to cause reverb in an audio file as the My Cloud typically isn’t decoding/transcoding the audio file. It is handing off that task to the audio player/device.

How old are your speakers? Have you checked the wiring to them to make sure they are connected properly and not loose? Have you right clicked on your speaker and did some troubleshooting? See example image below. I have Windows 10.


Another thing to consider is if the computer has a microphone. Make sure to disable the microphone else one could hear feedback through the speakers.

Certain audio chipsets used in computers (Realtek for example) often have a setting that can induce reverberation upon playback. Look at the settings for the audio device in the computer to see if there are options to set or adjust the environment sound.

For example on a Windows 10 laptop using Realtek audio chipset. If one enables the environmental option and then configures the sound effects properties they can introduce audio reverberation when playing audio.

Wow. Lots of replies. I don’t come here, often, manly to check changelogs or firmware posts.

The unit is 4 years old. The speakers are in the TV, they’re as old as he TV. It’s used with a media player for a Roku 3. The TV nor the Roku have a microphone (unless aliens snuck one in there, someplace).

My enjoyment isn’t hindered. It’s just something I noticed. Sorry for the necro. I shut up, now.

It should be noted that certain Roku models DO have a microphone in the Roku remote. Roku added the “voice search” option to the Roku 3 remote a couple of years ago.