Unknown attribute (0x10) for WD Black FZEX?


I have a WD Black 4TB Drive and now I have bought a new one.

In this new hard disk I’m noticing an unknown smart value (0x10) increase dramatically.

What is this? And why I haven’t this smart value (0x10in the other identical drive?

They have  the same firmware. 


Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

What program are you using to test the drive?

Thanks for your reply.

I have checked the drive with HDtune, Crystaldisk info and other common programs for smart analysis.

I’have this strange value that the other identical drive hasn’t got.

Maybe is an elettronic problem?

ShallI I send the drive back to Amazon?

I need a good reliability and I don’t want an elettronic failure soon.


I havent try those programs to test my drive.

Try using the WD DLG Tool to see if you get any specific error that we can identify.

Link to DLG Tool.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

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DLG doesn’t give me an error yet.

I have two WD Black 4Tb and I can’t understand why only in one drive I have this strange smart value. 

Can you help me please?

I’ve had the same concern with a third party SMART monitoring tool warning me of a potential problem.

I’ve asked WD 4 times what attribute 16 (hex 10) means and each time they have ignored the question and suggested I run DLG or some other suggestion.

From DLG I can see the attribute is described as “Gas Gauge” - whatever that means.  But I have concluded it’s perfectly normal and will just carry on using the drive.

drive seems to be fine

try hard disk sentinel and see if this program says what is that value :slight_smile: