Universal Remote

Overall while I’m happy with the player I’m not that satisfied with the remote.  Could anyone recommend to me a quality universal remote that works with the hub media player?  Ideally something with an LED light function (and usage of the ok button in the middle for pausing and playing).  Thanks.

Harmony One, all the way!   My wife thought it was “Another Stupid Gizmo” until using it for two hours, now she’d kill me if I tried to take it away.

Just checked out the amazon.com page.  150 dollars is too much for me to spend on a remote.  Anything a tad bit more basic?  Honestly all I need is the LED light function (unless that drags the cost up too much), and the ok button in the center to be able to control pause and play (thats a big one for me).  The buttons right next to the ok function controlling rewind and fast forward would be great too.  That way I only need to use the center buttons for the most part.

I’ve also got a Harmony One, it rocks, but I do agree with you that Logitech remotes are way too expensive.

An alternative could be OneForAll remotes, lots of people claim that you get much more remote for the money than with a Logitech (Don’t know if OneForAll remotes are available in US)

Yeah, you can get OneForAll remotes all over the place around here.   But they’re fairly limitted.   They can learn individual remote commands, but they are not capable of doing complex tasks…  But since you’re wanting just basic stuff, I’m sure they’d be capable of it.

Everything in my home theater system is controlled by my Harmony, and all the SoftKeys do things that the Hard Keys can’t.  Well worth the coin for me… :slight_smile:

I have a Harmony 650, found it on amazon for 70ish, I got it specifically for this system because it also has 4 color buttons. I have several other harmony’s including very expensive ones and I have to say, so far this is my favorite, back lite buttons, light on movement, easy assignment of buttons (via the web application)

Highly recommend.

There are a few things about the Harmony I do NOT like:

The Programming software is ARCHAIC and could be improved dramatically.   It is a NIGHTMARE just to MOVE a softkey around.   My AVR has *FIFTEEN* pages of Soft-Keys.   I deleted all the ones I’d never use, but it would have taken me HOURS to move the rest of them into a consolidated place.  So I wound up having to delete them all and just install the ones I wanted.

None of the keys will work if the Harmony is asleep.   I have to remember to kind of twist it so the motion sensor wakes it up.

Some software changes can only be made if you contact Tech Support.  And after your Tech Support “Expires,” it’s over.

So, like with the Hub, if you want to do a hard shutdown, you have to pull out the stock remote to do that because there’s no way to put a “3-second press” of a button in the Harmony by yourself.

But other than that, I love the thing…

Just looked over the one for all catalog.  Am I correct in assuming this remote can be programmed for hub media player:


Also while I know its limited in terms of functionality does it atleast have a back button and menu button? 

Now you’re just being lazy. ;). You found the website, so now you can use the product selector.

Here is the link to the harmony 650. Notice it has arrow keys, a very convenient back bottom (lower right below arrow keys) and ok in the center, and the color keys across the top (matches the remote)


i can’t say enough good things about this remote. i really like it :) 

i hope you find the perfect one for you, a good remote really enhances the watching experience.

I have the URC-RF20 remote with the RF hub.  It works great with the WD hub.  With the RF, you can also put all of the electronics out of sight, as RF doesn’t need line of sight.  It’s also quite a bit cheaper than the harmony remotes.  Here’s the link to the product at Amazon:


Does any kind soul have codes/files for a Pronto ng remote?

Many thanks