Unit reboots after logging into youtube with an account

Unit keeps rebooting each time I try to login to youtube with an account. Is anyone else having this issue?

Loads of people. Its a known problem and was discussed in another post.

Its a problem with youtube changing something at their end.


I found that my unit rebooted when I signed in to my old youtube acoount. Therefore I set up a new account using a new email address (gmx.com) and a new password. I now log in using my email address (not youtube user name). I have found that this has stopped the rebooting. Of course if you just want to watch videos you don’t need to log in.

In short I am running .11 firmware and by creating a new youtube account I can log in and see my favourites.

I created a new youtube account but the same problem is occuring. my firmware is 1.01.12 do i have to use .11?

And according to the mods it has been passed on to the developers - so presumably there’ll be a patch in the new year to fix this problem.

Thanks for the quick replies. This is so far the best forum for WDTV LIVE. :smiley:


Well,  here we are over a month into the new year and NOTHING from WD on the problem yet.

This is totally frustrating.

At least some feedback from WD that they recognize the problem and a STATUS UPDATE for resolving the problem.



Since this has been a problem since last December, and apparently the WD developers know about it, but no information has been given about when, or even if, a solution will be released,  I’ve bailed on using the WD link directly to YouTube for my YouTube account.

I was already using PlayOn for my NetFlix and Hulu streaming, and PlayOn supports YouTube accounts as well, so I just go to Media Servers on the WD Live and connect to my PlayOn media server for all things related to internet video.


Ask you you shall receive I guess.

Rev.  .24   seems to have fixed the problem, with a better YouTube UI to boot.

tnx WD,


Yes, it has been fixed, but at the same time they implmented some type of filter/check that prevents certain videos from being played on device connected to TV. Also they did not take the opportunity to add Channel/subscriptions feature. Will the nightmare never end.