Unit goes into standby when Tv is turned off


I brought the WD elements unit partly so that i could play my customised audio MP3/WMA playlists through my Home Theatre Amp. This works well but as soon as I turn my TV off the Elements unit automatically goes into standby mode and of course the music grinds to a halt.

Is this a feature - If it is it’s a heck of an annoying one?

Obviously for playing audio I am outputting through the AMP thus do not need the TV on  especially if it’s a party that I am running the music for so this is very annoying feature (If it is indeed that.)

Tried turning the Tv off manually (thinking it might be the TV remote affecting the unit) but same result.

I cannot find anything in the set-up to disable this.

Any ideas.

Graham W.

Unfortunately it seems to be a feature of most media players (not just WD) that when the system ‘senses’ that there is nothing on the other  end of the HDMI cable, it assumes that you want to stop using it. 


My previous media play did not do this. Also my 2n GEN Apple TV unit which also used HDMI to conenct to Video carries on working when the TV is turned off.

Bt of a design oops I reckon.

This is a very nasty funcion, that should be configured by the user… (another one, among many that will never be addressed by wd… i wonder why this player deserved a “hardware” revamp? What is WD thinking?)

I noticed the same prob, and it IS because of the HDMI connection.

Solved it by connecting my WD Elements play to my av receiver by both composite and hdmi.

Then went into settings, video outpout and set to composite (pal).  I can now start my music, and turn the Tv off.

When I want to play HD movies I simply go back into settings, video outpout, and change to hdmi (digital) - am writing this from memory so cannot remember whether the choice is hdmi or digital, but you get the drift.

This allows me to work whichever way I want, for playing music (without the the TV on) or watching HD movies using the hdmi conncection

let me revamp my previous solution.

This solution depends on having your Elements Play connected to an av receiver which lets you choose from multiple inputs.

Connect the Elements Play to an HDMI input on your receiver.

Also connect to a compostite video, plus optical audio.

when you only want to play music bring up the composite video, optical input on your receiver, pick you muisic playlist whatever, start it up, turn off tv.

Whenever you want hi-def video and audio from the player, choose the hdmi source input from your av receriver, play your videos (leave the TV on!!!)

On my NAD, I can allocate which audio and video input sources I assign to the various harware connected to my NAD receiver.

You may simply need to connect to differently named device connections on the back of your receiver, so you connect to one device inpute using hdmi, and connect to the other device input using composite video and optical audio.

Then simply choose which device to use.