Unique uses of your My Cloud EX2 Ultra

As the title suggests and the forum section aligns, I have an EX2 Ultra running OS 5. I’ve got Plex and Docker installed. I find my device incredibly useful for transferring files between my mobile device and multiple computers without any fuss as it is after all a NAS. I also backup my various devices to it as one may expect though it remains one thing out of mind most of the time. Returning to Docker, I currently only use it to run a handful of small apps for my personal VPN. In the past I’ve used it for syslog to debug some older equipment that seemed to only support said protocol.

That said, I’m curious how others get the most out of their EX2 Ultra?


Hi @ActiveUser ,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

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@activeuser At this point, my WD NAS devices are pure data storage devices.

In the past, I used to actively use PLEX and use the device as a VLC library location. With improvements in online streaming services; I seem to use that functionality less these days.

I would LOVE to use the NAS as a backup for iPhones. . .but limitations of the NAS capability (i.e. the one way nature of the sync) makes that basically impractical. (To be fair, this is really an issue with iOS and not the wd software).

I would also like to use my NAS for remote access; but long ago I decided it was not viable to have either OS/3 or OS/5 exposed to the internet. AND. . .I have opted not to spend the coin to improve my ISP upload speed to a usable level. . . .

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lol if there was any doubt on whether it was a bot, there shouldn’t be any longer.

I feel like I’m in much the same boat as you. I’ve used PLEX and still do on occasion but with more content being easily available via streaming services, there is less of a need.

I’ve setup devices to sync their photo roll but I hear what you’re saying. There is a wifi backup/sync function built into iTunes on Windows and MacOS. Have you tried setting the save folder as your NAS? I don’t know how well it would work but just an idea… it would be a more comprehensive backup that could then be also restored. That said, a more direct feature would be nice.

I felt the same way about that. In the past I’ve needed a VPN and found my router to be ideal; though it lacked the ability to keep the DNS server up to date so I used a docker container on my NAS to fill in the gap.