Unique problem, can't access my stored data in WD Portable Drive

Dear All,

Hope you are in good health. I am facing a unique problem. While my drive is working fine, there is some data I cannot access which I stored in WD smartware software folder in the drive.


There are four partitions in my 500 GB drive, and I set-up the firmware in one of the partitions as well as on laptop. Inside the firmware folder, I stored some data. Then I changed my laptop and had to set-up the firmware again in new laptop while the Firmware folder in the drive remained the same but I cannot access my data in that particular folder while all other data is accessible.

Data is still visible but cannot be accessed. Any idea what can be done? That data is very important to me.

Awaiting respinse.


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

I would recommend not to do anything else untill you contact support: