Uninstalling WD Button Manager (old version) impossible

I currently have this model, the 320gb version


Im running Windows 7 64-bit and i made the mistake to install WD Button Manager for my drive, big mistake. It says the supported OS would be Vista 32-bit but i took a guess anyway. It runs but in the background but the trayicon won’t show up at all no matter what i do. If i restart the application the trayicon shows up for a split second but dissapears again.

And to uninstall this **bleep** program  i need the trayicon to show up but it won’t so now im stuck. Even tried to make it work by running it in compatibility mode but no luck there either.

What should i do?


I’m confused why you need the tray icon to uninstall.  Can’t you just Add/Remove from the Windows Control Panel?

Yes there arent any option uninstalling it from Programs and Features because it’s simply not there. So i can’t uninstall it from anywhere.