Uninstalling 'rescue media' from my passport drive


I have a 250gb My Passport external drive (#WXE408lr5654). I was intending to do a backup from my IBM thinkpad, but by mistake selected “create rescue media”, instead of the backup utility. Yikes! Now my thinkpad only sees the drive "IBM_USB(Z:).All the files (other backed up files)  on the external drive seem gone (or at least I can’t see them from my thinkpad). Any ideas on how I should precede, if it’s possible to restore the drive to it’s old condition with the old files?


I don’t believe it will be possible to restore the drive to the original condition without loosing the files, however you can try to use photorec which is a free data recovery software. 


Thanx. That sounds like the way to go. The files on the Passport are not critical, so if everything on it is toast it will not be too bad. I will give your suggestion a go in a couple of days and post how it turned out.