Uninstall old WD Backup software

I have a  250gb My Book from a few years ago, and just purchased a 1 Tb My Book Essential, and installed the Smartware. I can go ahead and uninstall the old WD Backup software and WD diagnostics,  can’t I ? And if so, and once uninstalled, can I just delete the auto run, and windows tools, and original backup files  in the 250 ?



You can uninstall the WD Backup from your system and delete your data from the old 250GB drive unit and continue to use it as an external dirve on your system.  Please keep in mind that you will not be able to use the SmartWare software to backup to this old drive as SmartWare will only work with SmartWare drives.  Before deleting any data on the old drive make sure that if you need any of that data you have a backup of it in another location.

Thank you.