Unicode support?

Hi every1

 I am new to this forum.  I am just wondering if there is a way we can install the universial font (Unicode) to the WD TV Live??? I  like watching movie with vietnamese subtitles in .srt format and WD cannot recognize most of the word.  so again, is there a way to flash/install the universal font to the wd tv live?? thanks

Page 143 of the WDTV Live manual shows you how to set up Additional Encoding Support for a secondary language.


Additional encoding support.

Select an encoding support for a secondary language. This prevents garbled characters in file names and subtitles defined in the selected language. 

Go to System setting and choose your additional language.

thanks for the reply richuk.  I tried the setting but it doesn’t work for vietnamese! it has korean,jananese,chinese…etc… i think vietnamese is only supported the the unicode font.  Hopefully wd will include that in the future firmware update. thanks

Until WD supports UTF-8, there’s no way you can display unicode chars as SRT subtitle. However, to display Vietnamese subtitle, this is what I did (and it worked :smiley:)

  • Get Subtitle Creator (google for it, it’s free)
  • Open SRT file in Subtitle Creator, if you get a “Input string was not in a correct format” error, go to Formatting - Select character encoding as 1258 - Vietnamese. Your subtitle should be loaded properly. If you get other error messages like “index out of bound”, your SRT file may have invalid characters or spaces or whatever, you have to fix it first. Try something like VobSub - Sub Resync to fix subtitle timelines…
  • Once your SRT file is loaded in SC, open File - Save VOBSUB. That will convert your SRT text subtitle file to image subtitle file (idx & sub). Drop these files into the same folder with your movies and rename to same movies file name and enjoy !!!

brokensword, u r the best, thanks alot for the tips.  I tried and it worked perfectly. Thanks again

Good tip brokensword. I will try it. Thanks a lot.


As a workaround solution, it works well. Thanks.

However, the .sub files created are much bigger than the original .srt file, and the words (images) appear are blurry, not as sharp.

Bottom line is WD should add support for UTF-8.